Paya Industrial Shelving Company

Paya Industrial Shelving Company during a decade of its activity in the field of consulting, design, production and implementation of warehouse shelving systems and store equipment with the latest machinery has been able to offer a variety of up-to-date and unique shelving sections and products.
relying on its knowledge and technical experience, the company seeks to meet the needs and promote customer satisfaction in domestic and foreign markets.
Paya Industrial Shelving Company is known as one of the well-known companies in the field of implementing warehouse shelving projects and equipping small and large stores.
Current management, customer orientation, product diversity, fast supply of products, have enabled us to attract customers in handing over warehouse shelving projects as well as design and implementation of store shelving.

We are proud to announce that in this regard, we have implemented shelving projects in various and important industries :
Steel and metal industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, wood industries, various distribution companies, large chain stores, banks, organizations and government offices.

Paya Industrial Shelving Company also provides completely free consultations to provide services in the warehouse and store industry, with specialized consultations under the supervision of technical managers.

In terms of design, the company has two approaches :
1- Store and warehouse decoration design.

2- Product design according to market and customer needs.

The company is also ready to design the best and most efficient design for small and large spaces by providing professional and specialized advice in the field of designing store and warehouse space, in order to create customer satisfaction, Design and arrange the most optimal spaces for better use.

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